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Private classes include a customized experience for you and for your group. Your private session can include yoga, fitness, meditation, sound healing, themed handouts, medical-grade essential oils, or crystal healing. Taking a studio class has its many gifts, but there are unique benefits absorbed in private instruction:

1. Private classes are a great way for beginners to gain a solid foundation of integrated movement and correct alignment techniques.
2. Your ability to ask questions as they arise, and to receive immediate feedback, is an effective way to cultivate a safe and beneficial practice.
3. Never the same routine. Because I am fully focused on you, I will concentrate on what you need and want to explore, and will always invite you to experience even more.
4. “Private” does not necessarily mean “solo.” I encourage clients to bring family or friends to make the experience personal, but also shared.
5. Avoiding long travel time to inconvenient class locations at static times. For your private classes, I will meet you when and where you want- even if that changes each week.
6. As always, I will provide you with everything you need for class: weights, mats, straps, blocks, music (or silence), customized routines, and a knowledgeable, friendly voice to guide you through your class.

Please see the optional classes or specialized workshops below:

Private Fitness Class – a full-body workout that will start with a brief centering with the breath and then warm up stretching to prepare the body. A variety of exercises will be blended into the class that will include the use of hand weights, a fitness ball, band, and more. This class will end with a 3-minute savasana to relax the mind, leaving you feeling refreshed for your day.

Private Gentle Yoga Class – a slow-paced combination of gentle postures and movements infused with the breath.

Private Yoga for the Bridal Party – calm the nerves on the big day (or day before) with yoga for the bridal party. Class is tailored to the group.


Private Beginners Yoga Class – a class focused on the basics of yoga including pranayama, meditation, and alignment in the most popular poses.


Private Yoga with Weights Class –  a moderately paced class designed with weights to build core strength and to fill the body and mind with positive energy. Expect a lively playlist as you journey through a flow that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.


Private Gentle + Restorative Yoga Class – a relaxing class that begins with a gentle stretch and movement sequence. The second half offers restorative postures and the ending is an extended savasana with optional lavender eye pillows.


Private Chair Yoga Class- a class built around a chair to make yoga accessible to all. Great for people who work in an office all day, or for seniors.

*Please take note that you need to provide your own armless chairs.

Specialty Classes + Workshops

Private Couples Yoga Class

Private Couples Yoga can be any style of yoga above that we can review in your complimentary consultation call. Long term couples can often find themselves falling into the same patterns which can leave relationships feeling dull. Sharing Yoga with a partner opens new ways of communicating and connecting with each other. Studies show that simply listening to another person’s breathing makes us feel more connected, so we can only infer the possibilities for connection during an hour long private Yoga session. Because the heart of Yoga truly relies on creating healthier relationships with ourselves and others, couples who practice Yoga together often strengthen their bond and improve relationship intimacy. 

*Please see group private rates below.


Chakra Yoga Workshop

Discover your body’s powerful energy centers and harness their power in this engaging workshop. Uncover practices and principles that help release outdated or negative energy and re-attune you with your true nature. We will cover the basic functions of all 7 chakras and explore how to open and balance each one. In this workshop you will experience:

• your own take-home crystal gift
• guided chakra meditation
• brief journaling on handout
• relaxing breathing techniques
• gentle and moderate chakra yoga
• crystal healing meditation
• individual affirmation exercise

*This 1.5 hour workshop is $35 per person (materials included) with a minimum of four people.


Vision Board Workshop – Give yourself the space to pause, listen and become clear on your vision. Discover what you need to let go of that may be in the way. Empower yourself to awaken and grow through journaling, restorative yoga, meditation, and creativity. In this workshop you will experience:

• vision board creation to take with you
• guided meditation
• brief journaling on handout
• gentle and restorative yoga
• relaxing breathing techniques
• tools to bring back into your daily life
• conscious listening circle
• individual affirmation exercise

*This 2 hour workshop is $35 per person (materials included) with a minimum of four people.


For more information on private yoga sessions, please email Erin directly at



Enjoy a complimentary 15 minute consultation.



This is for one 45 minute private solo yoga session.

Currently, Erin is only available to offer private sessions at Center Yoga Studio in Clinton. These sessions can be offered at 11:00 am on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays.

You will be billed through Center Yoga Studio, please click here to create an account. 


Group Private


This is for one 45 minute private group yoga session.

Currently, Erin is only available to offer private sessions at Center Yoga Studio in Clinton. These sessions can be offered at 11:00 am on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays.

$120 for 2 people + $10/head for each additional person

Special group rates are offered for 20 or more people upon request.

Special discounts are offered to animal shelters, charity events, vets, or first responders.

You will be billed through Center Yoga Studio, please click here to create an account. 

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