Beginning July 2022

New In-Studio Location

Thank you for taking the time to read these updates and for being part of the community.  For the past three years, Erin has taught a Wednesday and Friday 9:30 am weekly classes live via zoom through her business. Starting in July of 2022,  these two classes will be available both live zoom and in-studio at 36 Nod Rd.Clinton, CT 06413. Please continue to scroll down to learn more. 


This spacious 1000ft studio has high ceilings, four large windows, and two double doors. This has been Erin's favorite place to teach for the past 7 years. Erin is thankful for the owner, her dear friend, and retreat partner Petra Haynes to allow her to use this space for the Wednesday and Friday 9:30 am classes. Please continue to scroll down to learn more about these upcoming changes that will begin in July of 2022.


 What classes are going to move to this studio?

  • Wednesday 9:30 am Gentle Yoga with Weights

  • Friday 9:30 am Gentle Yoga

Where is this studio located?

Out of Center Yoga Studio but these two classes will still operate through Erin's business. These classes will not be marketed to the Center Yoga students so the in-studio classes will likely be very small.

What is the address of this studio?

36 Nod Rd. Clinton, CT 06413

What is included with an in-studio class?

All sanitized blocks, blankets, straps, hand-weights, and bolsters are available to use at the studio. There are two bathrooms and plenty of parking. 

What is the price for one live zoom drop in class? 

The prices will remain the same, $15 for one zoom class to attend live or to receive recorded.

What are the price for one in-studio drop in classes? 

The price will be $20 for one in-studio class.

What is the price for one month of unlimited Wednesday + Friday live zoom or in-studio classes?

The price will remain the same for monthly members, $100 for unlimited Wednesday + Friday live zoom or in-studio classes. This brings the price down to $12 per class. 

Are there packages of classes available?

No, it is either a drop in class fee or a monthly membership fee. ​


Are there specials available for new students?

Yes, if you are new to these classes you can enjoy a complimentary Gentle Yoga IN-STUDIO class on Friday, July 1 or Gentle Yoga with Weights on Wednesday, July 6 at 9:30 am. After the class you will be able to purchase a special new student discounted monthly rate. Please email Erin to be approved for this free class at

Are there specials available for current monthly members?

Yes, there is a summer special. If you purchase both July and August together, you will receive a discounted rate of paying $190 for all 18 classes to enjoy live zoom or in-studio. (this brings the class rate down to $10 per class)

To sign up for the classes, you need to first pay: 

1. Pay via Venmo App: @shorelinectyoga, click here to view image.

(please do not click paying for goods/services or extra fees will be added)

2. Pay via Payment: Erin’s PayPal Email:

(please do not click paying for goods/services or extra fees will be added)

3. Pay in Person: If you are attending an in-studio class, you are welcome to bring cash or check upon arrival. Please email Erin to let her know at

After you pay for the class or unlimited month, click link below to register. Please, read the details in the description on how to sign up for either live zoom or in-studio.

Click here to sign up for Wednesday 9:30 am Yoga with Weights.

Click here to sign up for Friday 9:30 am Gentle Yoga.